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The Institute of Transnational and Spatial history has a reading group which meets occasionally during the year to discuss both classic and new works in our field.


First meeting: We are going to discuss the Conquest of Nature: Water, Landscape and the Making of Modern Germany by David Blackbourn. Konrad Lawson will offer an overview.

20 October 2016

3.30-5.30, venue tba


2014-2015 Theme: Spatial History

Discussing spatial & transnational history #MappingFlows2014, St Andrews August 2014

Discussing spatial & transnational history #MappingFlows2014, St Andrews August 2014

The theme for our reading group this year will be “spatial history” and we will be looking at a number of texts from history and other disciplines that have helped shape emerging approaches in this area. Each meeting will open with a presentation on a text with a summary of the main arguments, additional comments and discussion questions raised by a second participant, followed by a discussion with all participants.


25 November, 2014
5-6:30pm in St Katharine’s Lodge 0.02

Charles Withers Placing the Enlightenment (Chicago UP, 2007)
Presentation: Kelsey Jackson Williams


23 October, 2014
Overview: Konrad M. Lawson
Comments and Questions: Bernhard Struck

Moretti, Franco. Atlas of the European Novel, 1800-1900. Verso, 1999.

Read more about our past meetings:

October, 2013

What is Transnational History?

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