Hot Girl Histories and Esperanto Wor(l)ds

Calla Loftus
Tuesday 2 May 2023

Started in February 2023, Hot Girl Histories explores women’s histories and queer histories normally not found in textbooks. Join Claire Elizabeth Taylor, an English and Modern History undergraduate student at the University of St Andrews, and an aspiring academic girlboss on her journey to bring life to the unspoken histories of girls, gays, and non-binary slays. A podcast made by and for the aforementioned parties. New episodes every Mondayish. 

Hot Girl Histories currently has over 300 total plays and 100 followers on Spotify. The most recent episode features Janey Jones, author of The Edinburgh Seven: a book detailing the experiences of Britain’s first female medical students who began studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 1869. A fascinating story about incredibly driven women, this history book highlights how men fear the ways in which confident, smart women can change patriarchal aspects of society.

Previous episodes include a discussion with Dr. Bernhard Struck and Dr. Guilherme Fians, both faculty from the School of History, on the exhibition Esperanto Wor(l)ds: Scotland, Postcards, and the Creation of an International Language. As curators and historians, they speak about where scholarship on Esperanto has been and is headed, how they decided to do this exhibition, how they executed it, and, eleven days into the exhibition being on display, how it has been received by the St Andrews community. Listen to the Esperanto Wor(l)ds episode here:

Other episodes include A History of Lise Meitner (the first in a series of episodes on women in physics), Decolonizing Spaces of Knowledge such as museums or classrooms, Algerian women’s struggle in the country’s fight for independence, and an alternative history of house music. Some episodes to come include critiques of second-wave feminist historiography and histories of women in the underground Polish Solidarność movement.

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