ITSH Events – Spring 2023

All events, unless noted otherwise, will be scheduled: Mondays 1-3pm UK time, delivered in person at the location indicated or, if noted, on the ITSH Microsoft Team. If you are not already on our ITSH mailing list and wish to be added please get in touch with Konrad Lawson ([email protected]). If you would like to join an individual event and you are not affiliated with the University of St Andrews, please use our registration form.

W2 23 Jan – Reading Group: ‘The Patchwork City: Class, Space, & Politics in Metro Manila by Marco Z. Garrido’ – Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz and Marco Z. Garrido Note: on Teams

W3 30 Jan – Research Lecture: Returning to the Homeland: Expanding the Spatial Boundaries of Turkish-German Migration History – Michelle Lynn Khan Note: on Teams, 5-7PM

W4 6 Feb 4-5pmManuscript Workshop: The Professionalisation of Botanists in the Eighteenth Century: a Comparative European Study – Elena Romero-Passerin D’Entreves. Location: New Arts Building 6 4-5PM Note: one hour

W6 20 Feb – Research Lecture: The President Who was Toppled Twice: Transnational Perspectives on French Influence in Early Post-Colonial Africa – Joe Gazeley. Location: New Arts Building 9

W7 6 Mar – Research LectureA language better than football’. A Nigerian Engineer, A German Chemist and a Guy from Hollywood – toward a transnational history of Esperanto” – Bernhard Struck New Arts Building 9

W8 13 Mar – Conversation with the author: Decolonizing 1968: Transnational Student Activism in Tunis, Paris, and Dakar by  Burleigh Hendrickson – Antonio Scalia, On Teams. NOTE: 3-5PM

W9 20 Mar – Research Lecture: Linguistic correctness, political correctness: Communicating anti-imperialism and postcolonialism in the Esperanto media, 1963-1990 – Guilherme Moreira Fians – New Arts Building 9

W11 3 April – Research Lecture: Myth vs. Reality: Jewish Transnationalism in Modern Times –  Jonathan Dekel – Chen New Arts Building 9

15 May 1-4pm – MLitt Prospectus Workshop
– Emil Eleftheriotis-Pratt – Left-wing Radical Spaces in 1970s London
– Simone Mangold – Depicting the British Raj. A Comparison between Depictions of British Raj spaces in Swiss and British Travel Sources between 1918 and 1947
– Sean Paterson – The Languages of Empire: Information and Communication among Anglo-American Merchants and Mercenaries in the Chinese World, c. 1820-1870
– Maud Belair – Institutional Bodies: Diet and Nutrition in Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh’s Jails, Poorhouses, and Hospitals
– Cal Loftus – Colonial Cartography and Modern Ethiopia’s National Geobody

ITSH Events – Fall 2022

W3 26 Sep Project Introduction: Reframing the Age of Revolutions – Andrew Edwards, Juan Neves Sarriegui, and Peter Hill. In Person (Old Seminar Room) Note: 3-5pm.

W4 3 Oct – Research Lecture: From Munich to Poznań: Liberating, Cleansing, and Germanizing Cities, 1919-1945 – Teresa Walch. Remote Event on Teams

W5 10 Oct – Research Lecture: (Dis)Order on the Border: Outlaws and the State in Eastern Europe, 1917 – 1925 – Aleksandra Pomiecko. In Person (Arts Seminar Room 6 – New Arts Building) Note: 3-5pm

W7 24 Oct – Discussion with the Author: Ripe for Revolution: Building Socialism in the Third World – Jeremy Friedman. Remote Event on Teams Note: 3-5pm

W8 31 Oct – Research Lecture: From the Local to the Global: Protest on the Commons and Verges in England, with a Case Study of the Greenham Common Protests – Katrina Navickas. Remote Event on Teams

W9 7 Nov – Research Lecture: Urban Space in Manchuria: Pan-Asianism, Architectural Practices and Colonialism – Chen, Zhan. Remote Event on Teams

W10 14 Nov – Research Lecture: ‘The machine is only as good as the way it is used’: Language Training at the U.S. Army Language School, 1941-1970 – Diana Lemberg. In Person (Arts Seminar Room 6 – New Arts Building)

W11 21 Nov – Reading Group: AIDS, Cross-border migration and Notion of ‘race’ (in collaboration with the Histories of Sexuality Reading Group). Remote Event on Teams

Past Events

For a list of past events hosted by the institute, please see our past events page.