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Spring 2022

W1 17 Jan – Discussion with the Author – Tom Simpson – The Frontier in British India: Space, Science, and Power in the Nineteenth Century

W2 24 Jan – Research Lecture – Nikolaos Papadogiannis  – The making of a transnational counterpublic: Transnational connections of AIDS activists in West Germany, the UK and Greece

W4 7 Feb – Reading GroupWaves across the South by Sujit Sivasundaram

W5 14 Feb – Historian’s Craft – Elizabeth LaCouture – How to Write a Transnational History of a Local Space

W6 28 Feb – Project Introduction  David R. Ambaras and Kate McDonald – Bodies and Structures: A Platform for Researching and Teaching Spatial Histories of Japan (Note: event to be held 15:00-17:00)

W7 7 March – Research Lecture – Tim Cresswell –  Writing (and) Maxwell Street

W8 14 March – Skills Workshop – Konrad Lawson – QGIS Mapping for Historians II

W9 21 March – Discussion with the Author – Lenny A. Ureña Valerio – Colonial Fantasies, Imperial Realities: Race Science and the Making of Polishness on the Fringes of the German Empire, 1840-1920

W10 28 March – Manuscript Workshop – Leonard Michael – title TBD

W11 4 April – Research Lecture – Miles Larmer – Living for the City: Social Change and Knowledge Production in the Central African Copperbelt (Note: In-person lecture 1-3pm in Lower College Hall, St Salvator’s Quad)

W12 11 April – Research Lecture – Markéta Křížová – Cancelled.

W13 18 April – Discussion with the Author – Nikhil Rao – House, but No Garden: Apartment Living in Bombay’s Suburbs, 1898-1964 (2013).

Fall 2021

W1 13 Sep – 13 Sep 3-5pmResearch Lecture – Duoer, Daigengna – Buddhist Inner Mongolia(s) in the Early Twentieth Century: (Re)Imaginations of the Region in Multiple Transnational Spatializations

W2 20 Sep – Manuscript Workshop – Akhila Yechury – Title TBD

W2 Wednesday, 22 Sep 4-6pmSkills Workshop – Konrad Lawson – How to Create Social Network Visualisations with Cytoscape

W4 4 Oct – Reading Group – Nikolaos Papadogiannis – Immigrants in the Sexual Revolution. Perceptions and Participation in Northwest Europe by Andrew Shield

W5 11 Oct – Manuscript Workshop – Jan Koura – Thinking through Cold War Connections and Divisions: Actors and Places

W7 25 Oct – Research Lecture – Christopher Bahl – Mobile Manuscripts – Arabic Learning Across the Early Modern Western Indian Ocean

W8 1 Nov – Discussion with the Author – Tomasz Kamusella – Eurasian Empires as Blueprints for Ethiopia: From Ethnolinguistic Nation-State to Multiethnic Federation

W9 8 Nov – Reading Group – Matthew Ylitalo – Floating Coast: An Environmental History of the Bering Strait by Bathsheba Demuth

W10 15 Nov – Research Lecture – Elena Marushiakova – Roma Civic Emancipation before WWII: National and Transnational Dimensions

W11 22 Nov – Skills Workshop – Konrad Lawson – Regular Expressions and Text Analysis Tools

W12 29 Nov – Historian’s Craft – Huw Halstead – Oral History

W13 6 Dec – Research Lecture – Shin Satō – Governance and Space in Modern Japan: Private Residences, Villas, Government Buildings

W14 13 Dec – Research Workshop – Anita Buhin and Nikolaos Papadogiannis – Transnational Sexual Encounters, Masculinities and ‘Race’ in post-1945 Southern Europe

Spring 2021

All events, unless noted otherwise, will be scheduled: Mondays 13:00-15:00 UK time, delivered remotely on the ITSH Microsoft Team

W1 25 January – Manuscript Workshop
Sarah Easterby-Smith –  “Enlightenment Science in Surat”

W2 1 February – Reading Group
Rosalind Parr and Nicholas Russell – Empire of Guns (2018)  

 W3 8 February – Manuscript Workshop
Zhentian Xie, chapter from Through Pots and Pans: Culinary and Cultural Bonds between China and Japan, 1868-1949

W4 15 February – Digital Humanities Project Introduction (NOTE: 3-5pm)
Katherine Bellamy – “Digging into Early Colonial Mexico” 

W5 22 February – Manuscript Workshop
Bernhard Struck – “Icelandic Sulphur: From Paris to Laki and Back”

W6 1 March – Reading Group
Milinda Banerjee and Ruby Ekkel – The Intimacies of Four Continents

W7 9 March – Workshop on the Entanglements of the European and Global South Lefts (Note: on Tuesday from 2-4pm)
Siavush Randjbar-Daemi, Leonard Michael, and Antonio Scalia 

W8 15 March – Manuscript Workshop
Jake Berg – “SA Propaganda in the Public Space, 1935-1939”

W9 5 April – Reading Group
Anna Kelley – Outsiders & Strangers: An Archaeology of Liminality in West Africa 

W10 12 April – Discussion with the Author
Nicole CuUnjieng Aboitiz – Asian Place, Filipino Nation: A Global Intellectual History of the Philippine Revolution, 1887-1912

W11 19 April –  Roundtable Discussion
led by Eduardo Manzano Moreno – Global Middle Ages

31 May – MLitt Dissertation Prospectus Conference

Note: If you are not on the ITSH mailing list and wish to attend one of our events, or if you are unable to gain access to the Microsoft Team for the institute, please get in touch with Konrad Lawson ([email protected]) at least a week before the event you are interestd in to receive any pre-distributed materials.

Fall 2020

All events will be scheduled: Mondays 13:00-15:00 UK time, on the ITSH Microsoft Team

28 Sept (W3) – Skills Session
Konrad Lawson – Introduction to Regular Expressions for Advanced Text Search

5 Oct (W4) – Reading Group
Angus Waugh – Tears of Rangi: Experiments Across Worlds by Anne Salmond

12 Oct (W5) – Skills Session
Konrad Lawson – Visualising Social Networks with Cytoscape

23 Oct (W6 – Friday) – Workshop
“Tourism and Sexuality in West Germany” Craig Griffiths (Manchester Metrop.), Kristoff Kerl (Copenhagen), Nikolaos Papadogiannis (Bangor) – will be on Zoom

26 Oct (W7) – Reading Group
Sarah Easterby-Smith Provincialising Global History: Money, Ideas, and Things in the Languedoc, 1680-1830 by James Livesey

2 Nov (W8) – Manuscript Workshop
Claudia Kreklau – Making Modern Eating –  “Culinary Spirit of the Age”

9 Nov (W9) – Project Team Report
Kate Ferris and team – Everyday Dictatorship

16 Nov (W10) – Reading Group
Charmaine Lam – Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination by Adom Getachew

30 Nov (W12) – Research Lecture
Darragh Gannon “Mapping the ‘two geographies’ of Global History: Ireland and the World, 1919-1923

7 Dec (W13) – Manuscript Workshop
Zhentian Xie – draft chapter from PhD dissertation “Through Pots and Pans: Culinary and Cultural Bonds between China and Japan, 1868-1949” NOTE: This event is rescheduled for Spring.

Note: If you are not on the ITSH mailing list and wish to attend one of our events, or if you are unable to gain access to the Microsoft Team for the institute, please get in touch with Konrad Lawson ([email protected]) at least a week before the event you are interestd in to receive any pre-distributed materials.

Spring 2020

Time and Venue: 1-3pm, Venue: Old Seminar Room, St John’s House, 71 South Street

3 February Reading Group
Elizabeth Lambourn, Abraham’s Luggage: A Social Life of Things in the Medieval Indian Ocean World – Comments by Sarah Easterby-Smith

17 February Reading Group
Bryan C. Keene, Toward a Global Middle Ages: Encountering the World through Illuminated Manuscripts – Comments by James Palmer

2 March Skills Session
Cleaning and Searching Digital Texts with Regular Expressions – Konrad Lawson
– Cancelled due to UCU Strike.

30 March Reading Group
J. E. Fox, “The edges of the nation: a research agenda for uncovering the taken-for-granted foundations of everyday nationhood.” Nations and Nationalism, 23(1), 26–47. – Opens with comments by Kate Ferris
– Event will take place through Microsoft Teams online here.

6 April Project Introduction
Esperanto & Internationalism 1880-1920s – Bernhard Struck and project on Microsoft Teams

13 April Reading Group and Discussion with the Author
Carlos Machado, Urban Space and Aristocratic Power in Late Antique Rome : AD 270-535 – Opens with comments by Carlos Machado – on Microsoft Teams

Fall 2019

16 September Reading Group
Fabian, Johannes. Time and the Other: How Anthropology Makes Its Object. Columbia University Press, 1983. Opens with comments from Konrad Lawson

23 September Skills Session
Introduction to QGIS for Historians
Registration required:

30 September Reading Group
Moyn, Samuel, and Andrew Sartori. Global Intellectual History. Columbia University Press, 2013. Opens with comments from Milinda Banerjee

14 October Skills Session
Georeferencing and Digitizing Historical Maps
Registration required:

4 November Visiting Speaker
Visiting speaker Adam Bronson (Durham) will lead an open discussion with students and staff on research around concepts in motion or in translation.

11 November Manuscript Workshop
We will discuss work shared by our PhD student Per Rolandsson.

18 November Late Modern History Seminar
Our slot and location will be used by the modern history seminar series: Christa Wirth (Agder) – A Chicago Anthropologist at the Nexus of the Cold War and Decolonisation in the Philippines

25 November Manuscript Workshop
Sarah Frank will be sharing selected chapters from her book manuscript.


3-5pm, Venue: Old Seminar Room, St John’s House

Our main theme this academic year is “Space” and “Spatial History”.

GIS workshop

Texts will be pre-circulated for the sessions. Please email Konrad Lawson ([email protected]).

  • 12 November 2018, Manuscript Workshop, Bernhard Struck, Did Prussia have an Atlantic History? The Partitions of Poland-Lithuania, the French Colonisation of Guyana, and Climates in the Caribbean, c.1760s-1780s
  • 11 February 2019, Reading Group – Chalana, Manish (ed), Messy Urbanism: Understanding the “Other” Cities of Asia, Hong Kong University Press, 2017 (comments by Vahishtai D. Ghosh)
  • 18 February 2019, Reading Group – Stock, Paul (ed), The Uses of Space in Early Modern History, New York 2015 (comments by Jessica Rees)
  • 25 February 2019, Skills Workshop – Introduction to QGIS (open to all Staff and PGs) (Konrad Lawson)
  • 4 March 2019, Skills Workshop – Introduction to Regular Expressions (open to all Staff and PGs) (Konrad Lawson)

    GIS workshop
  • 11 March 2019, Manuscript Workshop – Antonio Scalia, The reinvention of left-wing internationalism in Italy: transnational activists, cultural practices, political violence and gender (1960-1987)
  • 1 April 2019, Manuscript Workshop – Rosalind Parr, Citizens of Everywhere. Indian Nationalist Women and the Global Public Sphere, 1920s-1950s
  • 15 April 2019, MLitt Dissertation Prospectus Workshop

Other Past events