Institute Staff Members

Prof Riccardo Bavaj

Professor Riccardo Bavaj (Director) 

20th-century Germany, Western Europe and the US; radicalism, liberalism, modernity, academia, and spatial imaginaries.


Dr Konrad M. Lawson (Director) 
The politics of retribution in the transwar 1940s, decolonisation,  transnational idealism and world federalism, urban spaces, and migration. Geographical focus is predominantly modern East and Southeast Asia but also interested in connections and comparisons with Europe.


Dr Sarah Easterby-Smith
European history (mainly France, Britain and their global connections), eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, cultural and social history, history of science, history of consumption.



Professor Ali Ansari
Iranian history, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, travel and relations with the West, historiography of Iran.



Milinda Banerjee

Dr Milinda Banerjee
Global intellectual history; Indian political and social thought; critical theory; political theology. Series editor of ‘Critical Readings in Global Intellectual History’ and ‘Transregional Practices of Power’ (De Gruyter)


P1110287_2[1] copyDr Emma Bond
My research is comparative in nature, and explores narrative expressions of transnationality, migration and mobility, particularly in the case of Italy and its colonial enterprises in the Horn of Africa and Albania. I am also interested in processes of cultural transfer and reception, and the role of new social media in transnational dialogue and activism.


Dr John Clark
British and North American history, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, history of science, medicine, and environment.



Dr Kate Ferris
European history (mainly Italy and Spain), late-nineteenth- to mid-twentieth century; everyday life and the ‘lived experience’ of fascism; images and ideas of modernity and of past, present and future in identity construction; conceptual questions around cultural production and reception locally, nationally and transnationally.

Dr Emma Hart
History of the Atlantic World in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, commerce and economic cultures, British Atlantic consumer societies, transnational history of the early modern market place.


Dr Tomasz Kamusella
Modern Central and Eastern European history (mainly Belarus, the Czech lands, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine), the EU’s largest minority – the Roma, the (cross) border region of (Upper) Silesia, language politics, editor of the book series Nationalisms Across the Globe.


Dr Chandrika Kaul
British imperialism and print culture, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, modern South Asian history and politics, British media, including contemporary media;globalisation and international communications.


Dr Montserrat Lopez Jerez

Dr Montserrat Lopez Jerez




Dr Gillian Mitchell
North American Social and Cultural History, History of Popular Music and Popular Culture in Post-War Britain, the United States and Canada.



Professor Frank Lorenz Müller
European history (mainly German lands and Britain), Long Nineteenth Century, Anglo-German relations, liberalism, nationalism, militarism, imperialism, monarchy.



Dr Frances Nethercott
European history (mainly Russia), eighteenth to twentieth centuries, intellectual, cultural history, cultural transfer (Russia, France, Germany), historiopraphy.

Dr Bernhard Struck (Founding Director 2009-15)

My main interests lie in the history of travel and travel writing as spatial practices, ways of connecting and making & disseminating knowledge in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Furthermore, I research and write on borders and border regions always with L. Febvre’s dictum in mind that borders have a double function: they divide as well as connect. Geographically my research covers central and western Europe, in particular Germany, France and Poland.

Dr Stephen Tyre
French History, late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries, colonial history (mainly French colonialism, colonial North Africa), history of decolonization, post-colonial history, memory and legacy of colonialism.



Professor Andrew Williams
European and international history with a particular focus on Britain, France and the United States, twentieth centtury, editor of the International History Review.



akhilayechuryDr Akhila Yechury




Institute Fellows

Professor Elena Marushiakova-Popova
Leverhulme Visiting Professor, St Andrews

Elena Marushiakova is President of the Gypsy Lore Society, the world’s oldest organization of Romani studies. In 2015 Elena Marushiakova was a Leverhulme Visiting Professor at the University of St. Andrews and in September 2016 she returns as holder of ERC advanced grant working as Principal Investigator.

Dr Nikolaos Papadogiannis
Lecturer, Bangor University

My research interests include travel, consumption, youth cultures, gender, migration, emotions and European identities. My doctoral thesis offered a cultural history of politics, examining left-wing youth politics in relation to leisure and sexuality in post-authoritarian Greece in the 1970s. Since 2011 I have been working on a comparative and transnational history of young tourists from West Germany and Greece in the 1960s-1980s.

Antonio Scalia
PhD Student, University of Catania