The Individual and the Local in Transnational and Comparative History

Conference | 13-14 May 2010, St Andrews

Convenors: Kate Ferris, Bernhard Struck, Frederick Whitling


13 May 2010

5pm: Prof Jacques Revel (EHESS Paris): Scales, microhistory and the ‘bigger comparative picture’ (tentative title)

14 May 2010

Kate Ferris / Bernhard Struck / Frederick Whitling: Welcome and Introduction – Comparative and transnational history and the problem of scales

Panel I: Actors and Institutions
Frederick G. Whitling (EUI Florence / St Andrews): Individuals, institutions and national traditions. Transnational scholarly collaboration in Rome, 1944-1948
Jakob Hort (Berlin): Representing the Nation locally. European Embassies and Architecture in a Comparison, 1847-1945 (confirmed)
Denis Kitzinger (St Andrews): Dietrich von Hildebrand – Transnational Thought and Practice. The Catholic Church as a Milieu of Transnational Exchange in a World of Nationalism, 1920s (confirmed)

Panel II: The Local and the City
Paola Molino (Florence): Imperial Library of Vienna (tentative title)
Joachim Häberlen (Berlin): The Global Historical Relevance of a Hot Summer Day 1932 in a Swimming Pool in Leipzig. On the Chances of Comparative Everyday History (confirmed)
Kate Ferris (St Andrews): How to tell a tale of two cities? Some methodological observations on a comparative project to uncover local lived experience of dictatorship in Fascist Italy and Franco’s Spain’ (confirmed)

Panel III: Networks and organisations
Alessandra Beccucci (Florence): Italian Diplomacy 17th century (tentative title)
Maike Thier (London), Revue des races latines (tentative title)

Final discussion: Jacques Revel (EHESS, Paris) and Antonella Romano (EUI, Florence) introductory comments