GRAINES Summer School “From the Margins”

17-20 June 2013, Menton, France.

The Centre for Transnational History at St Andrews co-organised the GRAINES Network summer school “From the Margins. Revisiting European History, c.1400 to present”.

The summer school was set at the beautiful Mediterranean SciencesPo campus of Menton and comprised different components including keynote speakers, seminar-style reading groups based on selected readings and presentations by participants.

2013-06-18 13.49.51

Picture: The stunning view from SciencesPo at Menton

Five postgraduate students from St Andrews – though from different backgrounds including Poland, France, Austria, US and UK – will be present at the summer school and present on their research in form of a short paper. Their research topics include the perception of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Martyna Mirecka), Geneva and Alpine Networks (Jordan Girardin), Sweden’s role in the Thirty Year’s War (Björn Nordgren), the Habsburg’s Empire and travellers’ encounters in the nineteenth century (Martin Schaller) and European Space agencies (Scott Schorr).

2013-06-18 14.06.15

Picture: Martin Schaller, Jordan Girardin (both St Andrews), Mariusz Lukasiewicz (Geneva), Björn Nordgren (St Andrews) enjoying the break after discussing Centres & Peripheries.

Speakers at the summer school included Monica Juneja (Heidelberg), Akiyoshi Nishiyama (Tokyo), Elena Marushiakova (Sofia). The summer school organised by GRAINES  is the first of its kind and we hope to see this kind of event traveling in the future from one GRAINES institution to the other.

See Menton_Programme for further information. More on the Summer School can be found under #Menton2013.