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Fall 2020 Events

Our institute monday event linup includes skills sessions, reading groups, manuscript workshops, project team reports, research lectures, and a research workshop.

Institute Mondays During the Corona Virus Outbreak

Due to the cancellation of all face-to-face meetings at the University of St Andrews in the wake of the Corona Virus outbreak, we will cancelling some events and moving others online. Please check in on the events page…

Fife Coastal Walk 2017

Transnational and Spatial History Masters students at St Andrews spend a day along the southern Fife coast.

Reflections: Beyond Thriller in Spatial History

The ‘spatial turn’ has come to history in waves, and since the term carries multiple meanings, it has sent historians off in a number of directions with a new, or renewed appreciation for space. With some exceptions,…

Workshop: Spatial History and Its Sources

On 2 September, the Institute for Transnational and Spatial History will hold a workshop on “Spatial History and Its Sources.” You can find out more about the workshop and its schedule here. The workshop will bring…